Are You Holy Enough to Enter Heaven?

Ron Jones

Your Greatest Need

Your greatest need What is your greatest need? Lots of money, food, clean water, healing, forgiveness, a job, security, a dog, a pool, a house, a car, this virus to end, that once in a lifetime vacation, a gun, that special somebody, and the list of our potential greatest need goes on and on and


Jesus will never let go!

Jesus will never let go! There are a lot of people struggling right now.  Are you one of them? I’m so sorry if you are, but there is hope even in a world riddled with pandemics, death, and despair.  The Name of our hope is Jesus Christ. Maybe you’ve never heard of Him, maybe He


The Future Looks Bright!

The future looks bright! How’s your future look? You might say forget about the future, what about today? It’s sad to hear about all the sickness, death, and disease today. The COVID-19 virus is putting a damper on life. We are being limited on what we can do, where we can go, and who we


The Master’s Plan

The Master’s Plan As men, we like to fix things.  Skinned knees, broken down cars, leaky pipes… we like to roll up our sleeves and shout – let’s get ‘er done! Some problems are harder to fix than a skinned knee or a leaky pipe.  Some problems require some deep thought and strategic planning.  Some require