Can you get to heaven without Jesus

March, 2020 - Pursuit Friends

The Master’s Plan

The Master’s Plan As men, we like to fix things.  Skinned knees, broken down cars, leaky pipes… we like to roll up our sleeves and shout – let’s get ‘er done! Some problems are harder to fix than a skinned knee or a leaky pipe.  Some problems require some deep thought and strategic planning.  Some require


Bring What You Have

The need to provide for people’s basic needs can be overwhelming , even more so in this pandemic crisis.  Nothing is easy.  And while I am loving having all my kids and husband in close quarters (most of the time 🙂 ), their needs, the needs of those I love and the needs of the


For Such A Time As This

By Brian DonahuePlanter/Lead PastorPursuit Friends Church If you’re like me, a church planting pastor who is trying to gain or maintain momentum heading into the Easter season, this whole Corona virus thing is unsettling to say the least. The thought of a smaller congregation not meeting on Sunday mornings for services, even for a few


Scattered to Serve

We are all feeling disrupted, inconvenienced and tempted to fall into fear. This pandemic has scattered our lives similarly to the early believers, who were forced to leave their homes because of persecution. Philip was one of the early believers scattered. In Acts 8:5-8, we see Philip’s response as he is forced to move. His