The Master’s Plan

The Master’s Plan

The Master’s Plan

As men, we like to fix things.  Skinned knees, broken down cars, leaky pipes… we like to roll up our sleeves and shout – let’s get ‘er done! 
Some problems are harder to fix than a skinned knee or a leaky pipe.  Some problems require some deep thought and strategic planning.  Some require a trip or two to the store to purchase some supplies, and some problems are so complex and big that we cannot fix.
When things fall apart one of the first things I want to do is establish a plan (after praying of course).  What are our next steps?  What resources do I need, and who needs to do what and when?  I like to know what I need to do and what is going to be required to get the situation back on track.  In these uncertain times it’s hard to draft plans and understand what our next steps are.  This puts me in a state of stress and frustration.  What are we to do without a plan?  
In times like these it’s best to lean on our Master.  He has a plan.  His plan is better than any plan the wisest men and women can craft, and His plan is for our good!  He doesn’t always give us every detail of His plan.  His word tells us the just shall live by faith (see Habakkuk 2:4).    
So how are you doing with living by faith in these uncertain times?  You may say easier said than done, but let me challenge you with this thought.  

We are not of this world

Are your plans short sighted?  Are you living for the pleasures of this world or for a secure spot in heaven with the Creator of all things? 
When our plans are short sighted we tend to focus on our problems and things that prevent us from living a comfortable life, but let me urge you to keep your gaze on Jesus.  When our plans are eternal our thinking and plans become influenced by the Holy Spirit, and we have a shift in our thinking.  The right here and right now does not seem so important.  We tend to think about what we can do to please God and how we can help others.  Do you know how much God cares for you?  Enough to send His one and only Son to the cross for our eternal security!  He cares deeply for His entire creation – the human race.  And do you know what else?  He has a plan!!  And His plan is for your good.  The prophet Jeremiah reminds us of our Master’s plan in verse 11 of the 29th chapter of his book.  For I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope.  How reassuring to know we have a future and a hope!  
Let’s draw closer to the LORD in these uncertain times.  For He is faithful and true.
If you don’t have any where to turn for comfort or support, please reach out to a member of Pursuit Friends Church leadership.  Kristin Aull, our Director of Women’s Ministry, for connecting to a woman’s group and prayer support.  Our Pastor, Brian Donahue, for life issues, spiritual concerns, connecting with our church, and prayer support.  I am also available for men’s ministry connections and prayer support.
I hope you have peace in these troubling times, knowing our Master has a plan for you!

Peace in the love of Jesus

-Ron Jones

Director of Men’s Ministry

About The Author

Ron Jones is the Director of men’s ministries at Pursuit Friends Church.